Monday, December 10, 2012

Review AND Giveaway - Shadow Slayer, Laura A H Elliot

The Shadow Slayer series is a fun series full of a wonderful, quirky, main lead. The first book, "Thirteen on Halloween" we learn about shadows, their world, and their motivation - to take over the human race by living in their place. We're introduced to Roxie's friends, her love interest, and her peculiar family.

In "Shadow Slayer", the second book of series, we get an extension of Roxie's true destiny and are introduced to a love triangle element as she falls for an older, hotter, boy. The plot thickens, let me tell you!

I'll be honest and say I like the first book more. There were a lot less unanswered questions, and I guess I'm a little bummed that my love interest team isn't winning so far...if you know what I mean. ;) But there is supposed to be a third book coming, and I'm hoping that will answer questions, and not leave me hanging and scratching my head.

I recommend this series for anyone who's looking for a light, creative read. If you don't mind minor cliffhangers, give it a shot. In my opinion, a series should always have a cliffhanger of some kind. ;) For my clean readers, there's hardly any fowl language, if any. I can't remember, but I don't want to say there's none because I don't remember 100%.


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